Unsurprisingly, many of our great visitors come from golfing backgrounds. Whether you’re visiting to play golf or live locally and would like to spend a day enjoying your passion, we’ve come up with the top five must-do activities for golfers visiting St Andrews.

Spend Your Sunday On The Old Course

‘But I can’t get a tee time.’ We hear you say. Not to worry; if you’ve not been lucky enough to get a tee time you can still experience the magic of this famous course. On Sundays the Old Course becomes a public park. Visitors can take a picnic, walk their dogs or just meander through the most famous holes in golfing history. Whatever you choose to do, you’re guaranteed to have a day of fun.

Visit Old Tom Morris

Any avid golfer will know the impact Old Tom Morris and his son Young Tom Morris had on golf; in many ways they paved the way for golfers in St Andrews. Go and pay your respects to this much-loved icon by visiting his grave in St Andrews Cathedral.

Go Shopping

St Andrews is rich with history, and so you can find some truly unique memorabilia. There are many fantastic shops for golfers in St Andrews so don’t be put off by the word ‘shopping’ if you’re not usually one for a wander around the shops.

Eat & Drink

St Andrews has an impressive array of eateries and bars, so there’s something to suit every taste. For golfers, we’d suggest heading to the Jigger Inn for a pint and a full-immersion into golfing history. The Jigger Inn is a mecca for golfers all around the world, so be sure to pop-in and experience this unique 19th hole.

Play Golf

We don’t mean to state the obvious! If you’re golf-crazy, chances are you’ve secured your golfing spots already. But, if you haven’t don’t worry. There are many fantastic courses in St Andrews, so if you’ve left it too late to get on the Old Course, you’ve got plenty of challenging courses to choose from.

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