If you find yourself with just a day to spend in St Andrews, never fear, we’ve put together the five must-do activities to help you plan your trip. Whether you’re travelling to us for the day on a coach trip, or simply fancy a day in our Fife-based town, we’ve got something for you.

St Andrews Cathedral

When people live in such an iconic place, you sometimes hear them say that they avoid tourist spots, but not here. Many of our locals walk through the picturesque cathedral on the way to work or just to get some fresh air in their lungs. It’s a must-visit that you’ll love. The cathedral ruins are free to enter and if that’s not enough, you can purchase a ticket for the cathedral and the whole site, which includes the spectacular museum. If you’re planning on going into the cathedral, we’d recommend a climb to the top of St Rule’s Tower where you’ll find stunning panoramic views of our beloved St Andrews.

The Swilcan Bridge

This is an absolute must for the avid golfers amongst you, who will have a wonderful time exploring the rich golfing heritage of our town. The famous bridge is on the 18th hole of the Old Course – officially known as the ‘Home Of Golf’. The bridge was originally built 700 years ago, allowing shepherds to move their flock across the Swilcan Burn. This bridge has seen the world’s greatest golfing moments so make sure you stop by for a picture.

University Of St Andrews

As well as a rich golfing history, many people around the world will know St Andrews as the place that Prince William and Princess Catherine met. The architecture of the buildings is truly spectacular and by walking the grounds you’ll get a real taste of why this place is so special.

West Sands

This wonderful beach is famous for the opening scenes in Chariots Of Fire. The sprawling sands and rugged coastline make for a wonderful walk seeped in history. With ample parking, it’s a popular dog walking spot and is well-liked by local walkers and runners. If you’re bringing your dog along for the day, St Andrews has plenty of dog-friendly restaurants and shops to keep your four-legged friend content.

St Andrews Castle

This castle is another must-visit for history lovers. The castle ruins sit to the north of St Andrews. The castle once homed the bishops and archbishops of St Andrews. Nowadays, you can explore the underground 16th century siege mine as well as take a look around the visitor centre and exhibitions. Once again, you’ll find the castle offers great views and a wonderful place to sit and relax on a nice summer’s day in St Andrews.

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